Family Medicine is a specialty that emphasizes prevention as much as treatment with a focus on the family unit.  Patients are educated on their health.  This way they can share in the decision making process and responsibility of their health to improve their quality of life.  Although not all diseases are preventable, they can all be managed in a constructive way.

She believes that these and many other diseases can be handled through modern medicine and therapeutic lifestyle regimens.

Dr. Kushner is an expert in osteoporosis and will be your consult for patients with this disease or for those at risk.  She can also provide a second opinion for patients with concerns.

As a Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. Kushner:

  • Has 28 years of experience in the medical profession.
  • Can handle complex medical conditions.
  • Develops close long-term relationships with my patients
  • Is a board certified physician, having completed a three year residency program. She must annually complete a recertification process unique to her specialty.

Having a primary care physician reduces the number of times a typical patient uses the emergency room.

With routine visits to a family practice doctor, a patient increases his or her chance of detecting several types of cancer earlier.  These include breast, colon, cervical, and skin cancer.

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